The Transformation

We are in a time of great transition as humanity shifts into a higher consciousness.

It was the middle of the night, when something happened that would change everything…

Michael James Wachner is a self-taught musician, producer and spiritual intuitive. Having performed full-time in clubs on the road as a professional musician for a number years Michael relocated to Minneapolis to work as a musician and producer for a music production company.

In early 2000, feeling burnt out with the machinery of the traditional music business he stepped away from music to reassess his life and music. He wasn’t writing meaningful songs and felt his music grinding to a frustrating dead end.

The Music Miracle

It was during this time that he leaned back into his spiritual roots, spending two years fulltime studying an intensive curriculum based on “A Course in Miracles”.

Adding to his spiritual teachings, he began a routine of daily meditation, and became certified in other energy healing modalities, including Integrated Breath Work, IET, Reiki, and Sound Healing. Each newly introduced learning would have its own unique impact on his spiritual growth and understanding.

The Music Inside Him Reawakened

As he passionately did the “inner work” he would ask Spirit for guidance and answers to questions from his daily life. He began to receive full songs in his dreams as an answer.

Upon waking in the morning he would immediately record these “downloads”. They included music and lyrics, along with an energy “signature” which would later be embedded in the recording process. These songs formed the basis of his first CD release “Shine On”.

As he continued exploring the dreams and expanding on his meditation practice, he felt a bigger message awaiting to be birthed inside him and asked the Universe for guidance.

Months later, he received his answer as he experienced a life changing event that would forever change him…

It was 3AM in the morning on 12/21/12

He was awakened from a sound sleep into a completely aware state of wakefulness. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he felt the room filled with an Angelic presence which energetically “lit up the room”. Suddenly he was immersed in an energy of Love more powerful than anything he had ever experienced.

Every cell in his body seemed energized and alive, vibrating intensely. Somehow, from a distance he heard his mind ask the question “what is happening?”


The message he received that night from his Angelic visitors was…

“We have heard your prayers and now We are here.”

They went on to explain that they would be readily available to assist with intuitive readings, and also to continue with the process of writing and recording music with healing energy and frequencies.

Michael considers himself a down to earth, caring and easy-to-approach human being who understands we are all traversing unprecedented times. The hope is that his music and loving intent will help to add a few moments of Divine Grace and Peace in to your life as you navigate through these uncharted waters.

Join the movement and bask in the energetic vibrations encoded into Michael’s music and performances. Michael’s new music expands into the use of music technology to provide unique solo performances. He has written a library of new songs to be recorded and released in 2022 including, “Just Alittle Bit of Love”, “Shaman It Up”, “Remember”, “Shine the Light”, “Breathe”, “Higher Ground” and many more.

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